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Details relating to private services at Medwyn Surgery

DVL / HGV & Taxi Driver Medical

If you are an Heavy Goods Vehicle (GHV) or Taxi driver and are renewing your licence, you will be required to undergo a detailed medical examination with a GP.  At Medwyn, we can offer you an appointment with a GP to carry out this medical. To book your appointment please call the surgery on 01306 882 422. Please be advised that you  will be required to pay for your medical at the time of booking.  Fees are listed under the private fees section.  Please remember to bring a form of identity on the day of your appointment.

Medwyn Surgery offers medicals on behalf of the DVLA. The DVLA will notify us that you require a medical and will issue you with a letter asking you to contact the  Surgery to book your appointment.  Once you have received your letter, call the surgery and book your appointment.  You will be required to bring a form of identity when you attend your appointment.

All medicals are approximately 30 mins each and parking at the surgery is available in the Reigate Road Pay & Display carpark which is located sited behind the building.

Private Travel

If you are planning a trip abroad and require your travel vaccinations,  our practice nurses can provide a comprehensive service from specialist travel advice to administering vaccinations including Yellow Fever immunisations.   Appointments need to be booked as far in advance as possible as in some instance, 2 or 3 doses of a vaccination may be required before travelling so please book your appointment two months before your travel date.  Please Medwyn Travel Questionnaire and e-mail it back to the surgery to

A full price list of vaccinations is listed under private fees.

Private Fees


Cholera £56.93
Hepatitis A £57.50
Hepatitis A Paediatric £36.23
Hepatitis A + Typhoid £90.00
Hepatitis A & B £75.00
Hepatitis B (course of three – price per dose) £50.00
Hepatits B Blood test £31.05
Hepatitis B Paediatric £25.88
Japanese Encephalitis (course of two – price per dose) £100.00
Malaria Prescription £15.53
Meningitis A,C,W,Y £80.00
Pneumonovax £25.88
Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio £33.12
Tick Bourne Encephalitis (course of three – price per dose) £70.00
Typhoid £40.00
Rabies (course of three – per dose) £65.00
Yellow fever £65.00

Certificates, forms, medical examinations and reports

                VAT Exc     VAT    VAT Inc
Certificate – simple signature £21.22      n/a £21.22
Certificate – Complicated £37.00      n/a £37.00
Childminders Form £52.80      n/a £52.80
Copy of records – computerised (max) £10.35      n/a £10.35
Copy of records – MRE copied (max) £51.75      n/a £51.75
Diving Medical  £105.57    £21.11 £126.68
DNA testing £38.81     £7.76 £46.57
Driving – full medical £105.57 £21.11 £126.68
DVLA Medical Only £101.95 £20.39 £122.34
Driving – report (no exam) £57.96    £11.59 £69.55
Employment – 5 min letter/report £17.08      n/a £17.08
Employment – 15 min letter/report   £52.80      n/a £52.80
Employment – 30 min letter/report £105.57      n/a £105.57
Employment Medical & report  £202.86      n/a £202.86
Firearms certificate £51.75 £10.35 £62.10
Fitness to attend – Health club £17.08     £3.42 £20.50
Fitness to attend – School £17.08     £3.42 £20.50
Fitness to be involved in TV work £17.08     £3.42 £20.50
Freedom from infection certificate £17.08     £3.42 £20.50
HGV Medical £105.57 £21.11 £126.68
HIV Test (incl. phlebotomy) £42.44      n/a £42.44
Insurance Medical Exam Report £90.15      n/a £90.50
Phlebotomy (excl cost of tests) £16.04      n/a £16.04
Pilot medical  £105.57 £21.11 £126.68
Private insurance claim form  £26.39      n/a £26.39
Private prescription  £16.04      n/a £16.04
Private sickness certificate  £15.00      n/a £15.00
Seat belt exemption certificate £21.22      n/a £21.22
School fees insurance claim £26.39      n/a £26.39
Taxi medical £67.28    £13.46 £80.74
Travel – fitness to travel £21.22     £4.24 £25.46
Travel – cancellation certificate £21.22     £4.24   £25.46
Travel – confirmation of medication £17.08     £3.42   £20.50
Vaccination certificate £17.08     £3.42  £20.50

Fees for other work no listed

  VAT Exc     VAT     VAT Inc
5 mins                  £17.60       n/a      £17.60
15 mins                  £52.79       n/a      £52.79
30 mins                £105.57       n/a    £105.57
45 mins                £158.36       n/a    £158.36
60 mins                £211.14       n/a    £211.14

Occupational Health

At Medwyn Occupational Health, we understand that your staff are a valuable asset to your business and by investing in in our occupational health services we will deliver significant benefits to you and your workforce. The benefits include informed recruitment decisions, reduced sickness absence, improved staff motivation and performance, help meet legislative duties, reduced risk and cost litigation.

The following services can be provided by the occupational health team:

– Work health (pre-employment) assessments
– Ergonomic workstation assessments
– Food handling risk assessments
– Health promotion
– Health surveillance
– Immunisation of staff at risk of infection, e.g. overseas travel
– Individual absence case management
– Management of ill health retirement
– On site flu vaccinations programmes
– Policy development
– Pregnancy risk assessment
– Drug and alcohol testing
– Counselling

For more information on any of the above services, visit or email or call on 01306 873 936.

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