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Fancy a night out with the Friends of Medwyn?

The Friends of Medwyn request the pleasure of your company at their next fund raising event!  All proceed from funds raised will go towards purchasing a FeNo machine which will help with diagnosing difficult cases of asthma.   Venue:   Chifan Restaurant. 8-10 Reigate...

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Please ensure you have sufficient time on your parking ticket. Clinics will frequently run behind as that is the nature of addressing patients medical issues.  You can always let reception know if you need to return to your car to increase your parking time.  The...

Measles Outbreak

Recent outbreaks of measles have occurred across the country including 20 cases in Surrey  Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can be very unpleasant and can sometimes lead to serious complications. The MMR vaccine is available to all adults and children...

Challenges to General Practice

General Practice in the UK is facing a massive increase in demand for services. We’re managing increasingly complex cases within the community, but at the same time public demand on the health service is also changing. People are living longer, but society appears to...

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